"The teachers are amazing. I can't express the joy and gratefulness I have for them and what they accomplished with my children. I believe the advantages this program gives over public kindergarten will help my children overcome any challenges they might encounter in further educational opportunities and life's challenges."


Parents and families remain the first teachers for their children. The life of a parent is always filled with many tasks, but establishing routines can be one way to create stability in a child's life. Routines generally include time performing chores, eating meals together, and going to bed at an established time. The more a parent is involved in a child's development the more the child can feel comfortable moving into new environments. Successful students have parents who create and maintain family routines. A child's growth and development includes physical, social, academic and emotional development, all of which are important in helping a child perform to his/her potential in a caring environment.

There is a lot written about parent involvement being the key to a child's success in school. What is the definition of the term parent involvement? How do you involve parents in a child's school experience? What are the benefits of parent involvement in a child's education? When should parent involvement begin? Parents are a valuable resource to our program. If you have time to help in the classroom or with preparations for special projects or events, we welcome your participation. Parent volunteers on field trips are always welcome. We have an open door policy on parent visitations to their child’s classroom.

The Children’s Workshop hosts family activities, programs and performances throughout the year. These provide wonderful opportunities to get to know other families, teachers, and your children’s friends at school.