"The teachers are amazing. I can't express the joy and gratefulness I have for them and what they accomplished with my children. I believe the advantages this program gives over public kindergarten will help my children overcome any challenges they might encounter in further educational opportunities and life's challenges."


Communication between parents and teachers will be done on a daily basis through conversation as well as written, ‘daily report’ sheets. The written ‘daily report’ should help you visualize your child’s day, the activities they participated in, what they ate, when they slept. This information creates a good link between center and home life.

You or your child’s teacher may request a conferences, at any time. Parent/Teacher conferences and progress reports are scheduled each year.

Monthly newsletters and calendars of events are provided to you each month, by the Director and staff of The Children’s Workshop. Weekly lesson plans are posted on the ‘Parent’s Bulletin Board’ in the main entryway or in your child’s classroom.